#ZNDayTimSale – Superman: The Four Seasons

original edition: Superman: For all Seasons Deluxe Edition USA (DC Comics, 1998 – 1999)
National edition/Spain: Superman The Four Seasons (ECC Editions, 2022)
Script: Jeph Loeb
He drew: Tim Sale
Color: Bjarne Hansen, Jose Villarubia, Mark Chiarrello
Translation: Barbara Azagra Rueda
Format: Cardboard. 224 pages. €24


Don’t you ever get tired of looking at it?
No never. I guess I’ll never get tired.”

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Superman is probably one of the most complex characters to write and also to represent graphically. How do you project the greatness of the most powerful superhero in the universe without letting go of his anchoring with humanity? And it is that we must not forget that although his birthplace is Krypton we are facing the most humane hero on our planet earth.

This search for roots, for why Clark Kent chose to help others over his personal interest, must be located in a small town in Kansas, Smallville, where the personality of little Clark will be forged surrounded by the love of his adoptive parents. was the one that led to Jeph Loeb Y Tim Sale to embark on one of his most admired projects, hidden in it are scenes of many carats in which they define the essence of what it means to be someone as powerful as Superman. A story that starts in the high school years of a young Clark and that grows along with our hero until it takes us to his first days as a correspondent for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. Characters like the old love of youth, Lana Lang, her colleague Pete Ross and of course, ma and pa form an important pillar of the story, as much or more than Smallville itself. The rhythm is leisurely, like that rested coffee that you would never want to end and Superman The Four Seasons is a work that breathes peace, harmony and in which only the force of nature seems to shake the foundations with force. Those moments of peace – just like the moments of fury – are captured with harmonious delicacy by Tim Sale who does one of the best work of his entire career.

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Although much of how well it works at the plot level we owe it to the intelligent dialogues of Jeph Loeb the truth is that the absolute star of this story, even above the superhero, is Tim Sale who abandons those games of light and shadow to which we were accustomed in previous works (Deathblow, Batman) to give us a fresco more typical of the great masters of the bd. At times we find sequences that could perfectly have been inserted without clashing in works like General Magazine rubbing shoulders with Jean-Louis Tripp Y Regis Loisel without any blush. Unfortunately, and as a general rule, authors in the American market are tied to slave delivery dates that make it difficult to achieve excellence with each of their deliveries. This work by Tim Sale gives the impression that he breaks with that difficulty and Give the reader a masterpiece worthy of framing with each of the sequences, from the most intimate to the most heroic. If color is always a capital piece on this occasion, it is because the work cannot be understood without it, Bjarne Hansen, Jose Villarubia Y Mark Chiarrello Playing with pastel tones, they manage to move the reader by transmitting that peace, that warmth, that feeling that if Smallville existed, those would be its colors when looking at their land or sky.

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Each one of the four episodes that make up this project has the singularity of being narrated by a different and key person in the life of Clark Kent, in this way they are the ones who describe or judge Clark / Superman based on their personal relationship. In the first chapter, as it could not be otherwise, this voice is given by Martha Kent, Clark’s mother, it will be the young journalist Lois Lane who will act as narrator in the second installment, the archenemy of Superman (and Clark) Lex Luthor the to do it in the third part to close it Lana Lang as the narrator of the fourth installment. This way of telling us the story because, after all, we do not exist as individuals but as the whole of how we relate to the rest of the world, ultimately being the complete puzzle of our personality.

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For works like this, Tim Sale He has given us happiness, emotional moments that we will carry with us forever, it is hard to find the words to say goodbye to someone who has accompanied you through the cartoons for so long, we will always have his Smallville to return to every so often.

Sam’s Story

The volume published by ECC Ediciones de Superman Las Cuatro Estaciones includes an emotional six-page story starring Sam, a childhood friend in Clark Kent’s story. In it we witness in a very short space the very hard moment in which Clark, through his x-ray powers, discovers that his friend is very sick with cancer. It is a very hard story and one that inevitably reminds of that of The Boy Who Collected Spiderman with one caveat, this sam really is sam loebscreenwriter’s son Jeph Loeb who precisely died of cancer at the age of 17 in June 2005. As a tribute, and a few months before he died, he participated as a co-writer in episode 26 of the Superman/Batman series that his father was writing at the time. This story, included here, written by his father and drawn by his good friend Tim Sale Surely it was one of the most complicated challenges they both had to face, Jeph Loeb, and I say this as a father, I’m sure that almost twenty years after the death of his son, he has not recovered from such a hard blow .

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The best

• The work of Tim Sale, one of the authors who has best known how to interpret Clark Kent.
• The color of Bjarne Hansen, José Villarubia, Mark Chiarrello.
• The emotional story that Jeph Loeb builds

Original edition: Superman: For all Seasons Deluxe Edition USA (DC Comics, 1998 – 1999) National/Spain edition: Superman The Four Seasons (ECC Ediciones, 2022) Script: Jeph Loeb Drawing: Tim Sale Color: Bjarne Hansen, José Villarubia, Mark Chiarrello Translation: Bárbara Azagra Rueda Format: Hardcover. 224 pages. 24€ YOU WILL BELIEVE IN KINDNESS “Don’t you…

#ZNDayTimSale – Superman: The Four Seasons

#ZNDayTimSale – Superman: The Four Seasons


Raul Lopez

Dash – 9

Drawing – 10

Interest – 9


Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale build a gorgeous fresco that delves into the roots of Clark Kent’s early teen years.

you rate: 9.4 ( 8 votes)

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#ZNDayTimSale – Superman: The Four Seasons

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