Zorro music fest 2022 in León Cuautitlán

A big festival arrives to the north of the city with a strong line-up
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El León de Cuautitlán, a forum that has been characterized for hosting great rock events such as the recent arrival of Caifanes, where more than 15 thousand souls gathered to sing the hits of this rock band that is already a legend.

An ideal outdoor space for large music festivals that are necessary in the north of the city, to be able to decentralize a bit and give the entire population that likes these events the opportunity to have good deals without having to travel to the city .

This is how Zorro music fest 2022 arrives, an event that aims to be a watershed not only for the north of the city, but also that seeks to expand the festival to make it an itinerant proposal, something that suddenly feels necessary, because Despite the offer, there are few festivals that travel with the whole concept around the republic.

On this occasion, the first point will be the state of Mexico, in this great venue that has the capacity to host an experience of the magnitude that the Zorro music fest 2022 is projecting, with a great production, as well as a good gastronomic offer, in addition to preferred spaces for lovers of live rock.

This time it will be Molotov the one in charge of making the Zorro music fest 2022 fully explode and be a great closing of the year, because with the tour that the controversial Mexican rockers are doing, they had to have a presence with the public in the north of the city where there are thousands of faithful followers .

In addition, Rubén Albarrán, vocalist of Cafe Tacvba will present an alternative project that they have called Los Kcomixtles, together with rock figures such as Rafael Acosta, an iconic rocknroll drummer, pioneer of the Los Locos del ritmo movement and faithful protagonist of this movement, accompanied by another rocknroll pioneer, Rafael Miranda who was a musician for the Slippers and as if that were not enough, El Gato Mayor, a figure in the rockabilly movement in our country, a proposal that is taking shape and that promises to be one of the promises of the movement with these legends of Mexican popular music.

The victims of Dr. Cerebro They are always a guarantee for a festival of the magnitude of Zorro music fest 2022, the creators of the “garbage war”, make millions move to the rhythm of songs like “El esqueleto”, “Muñeca” or “Ya tus amigos” , songs that have simply been part of the treasury of contemporary Mexican music, the Flores family always presents us with a show worth remembering, no presentation of the Victimas Show is the same as another, so you have to be prepared to dance until the body is healed from these two years of forced confinement.

Salvador Moreno is a great connoisseur of the place, a venue that has hosted him so many times in all these years, the castaneda has a great stronghold of followers in this area of ​​the country, the great bald brotherhood is still present and this is not going to be the exception, because in truth it is always expected that this madness that they express in their songs is also reflected in the performance that they take to the stage, because with the production of the event that will be at the level of a proposal that is a delight to see live, there is still much to see of the De León and Chava brothers with their musicians on stage.

Of course, urban rock has a place in Cuautitlán, the land of this genre, the periphery that dominates this rhythm that simply enters the head and takes over our spirit, that’s the music of liranrollwho return from an extensive tour of the United States, with a band that is made up of a large metal section, in addition to their great guitarists Ulises Lares and Saúl Moreno, of course the excellent presence of José Luis “Boogie” on drums , Mike on bass, Nadege on vocals and of course, a great Mexican rock, the idol that has been built from below, Toño Lira, with that swing that has taken him to so many latitudes in more than 30 years of the band , of course they will be one of the expected groups for this Zorro music fest 2022.

A singer who has hardened in the bowels of the street, who is also contagious with all her madness and with that passion with which she makes her music, Flor Amargo, who also had the opportunity to mingle with one of the greats, the TRIAn artist with that spark always lifts your spirits at a festival where there are so many proposals, it will be a treat to see her live and hope that she comes up with some crazy things.

The powerful and indestructible Royal Club is another of the bands that has been in León Cuautitlán on several occasions, always coming out ahead, of course their music precedes them, this rhythm that they combine with a base of ska combined with flashes of punk, rock and obviously the attitude that each musician gives them. give to this band that will be one of the ones that will make all the attendees dance and that will surely put together one of the biggest slams of the night.

the daniels representative band from these parts of the state of Mexico, a band that began in the small bars that opened in Coacalco, Tultitlan or Tultepec, chopping stone have been a group that has earned a place in the alternative scene, with several songs that already They are part of the Mexican rock treasury, as well as a live force that is contagious, one of the bands that definitely sounds better live, since its essence is on stage.

What can be said about this band that was born in the north of the country and that from the beginning had everything to be a great rock band, a great speech, an excellent attitude, a lot of musicality, members who became great characters like Julieta Venegas and of course songs that transcended time, Tijuana NOyou are invited to Zorro music Fest 2022, a legendary band that is a steamroller live, they are the creators of one of the emblematic songs of Mexican rock from the 90s “Pobre de ti”, they will be present this December 17, 2022 in Cuautitlán .

As if that were not enough, Hispana, Los Gatos and Sistema Lunar will be in charge of heating the ground for this great celebration for music, for rock and above all for having the opportunity to continue in these high-quality musical encounters, so will this next December 17, 2022 at the León Cuautitlán this meeting that will have a great production so that everyone can enjoy all the bands 100%, buy your tickets in the authorized places.

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Zorro music fest 2022 in León Cuautitlán

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