Zorro returns as ‘La Zorra’ in a new series

The already classic Zorro character returns to television, but not as you imagine: CBS Studios is developing a new version of the story, in which the classic hero of the mask and the sword will be a woman. Joining the new trend of reimagining characters with different genders, CBS TV Studios announced that the series *Zorro* will be part of the first agreement with the production company Propagatedirected by Ben Silverman and Howard Owens.

The original version of the already iconic Disney series aims to give a new air to the well-known story of the masked hero who toured California in the mid-1820s. And also to provide a new perspective to one of the most remembered sagas. The reinvention of the character will be written by Alfredo Barrios Jr., who will also be behind the credits as an executive producer.

According to early production reports, the project is being described as a “modern tour of the Zorro mythology,” which will focus on following the adventures of “Z.” A female descendant of what is described as a long “warrior bloodline”, which she will do everything she can to Protect members of your community. History will try to preserve the best of the homonymous series of the show from the sixties, which has become a cult classic on television, especially in Latin America and Spain.

### On horseback under the moon

The upcoming adaptation of **Zorro** adds to the numerous versions that are already part of the history of cinema and television: Douglas Fairbanks, Antonio Banderas and Alain Delon have played the masked hero in different films and above all, points of view. view on the context and the heroic nature of the character. *The Mark of Zorro* (1920), by director Fred Niblo, came to the cinema with a Fairbanks in top form: the character was a combination of an elegant swordsman and also, a seducer which delighted the public that turned the film into a small success.

In 1975, Alain Delon starred in the Spaghetti Western by Italian director Duccio Tessari, in which he embodied a slightly humorous version of the character amidst all the elements of classic Western cinema, which was not very well received by critics and audiences.

Decades later, Antonio Banderas he would also play the classic hero in the 1998 Martin Campbell film *The Mask of Zorro*which had an immediate sequel – and not so profitable – in *The Legend of Zorro*, with the return of the cast and with Campbell again in the credits as director.

On the small screen, the Disney version is one of the most popular of the character: on October 10, 1957, the first chapter of El Zorro premiered, created by Johnston McCulley and starring actor Guy Williams as Don Diego de la Vega. and his alter ego, the *Zorro*. Despite its critical and public success, the series was canceled on April 2, 1961.
NBC’s *Zorro* still has no premiere date and no details about its cast or the rest of the production team that will be part of the production.

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Zorro returns as ‘La Zorra’ in a new series

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