Caño Cristales, a high altitude adventure. by Nicolas Zorro Rincon • Diario Online Plus

Bogotá, Colombia.- As a private aviation Marketplace, flapz not only encourages the use of this transport model, but also promotes tourism in regions where private flights are the best option to access. This is how Caño Cristales, one of the jewels of Colombia, stands out as one of the best tourist plans in the national … Read more

95 communes in the yellow phase: Has the regrowth already begun? | Digital medium The Northern Fox

As of this Thursday, the entire Metropolitan Region plus 43 communes in the country go back to the Medium Sanitary Impact Phase of the new Step-by-Step Plan. Sign of regrowth or adequate measure ad portas winter? Academic USS analyzes the new scenario. The “veranito de San Juan” comes to an end. After weeks of falling … Read more

Lenovo presenta nuevos PC Yoga que buscan potenciar a los consumidores para hacer más, a su maner | Medio digital El Zorro Nortino

●      Lo último en rendimiento portátil, la nueva séptima generación de la línea de laptops premium clamshell Yoga Slim Premium ofrece potencia, flexibilidad, y funciones de colaboración, así como el rendimiento adaptativo inteligente de X Power de Lenovo, junto con las brillantes imágenes de PureSight Display de Lenovo ●      Diseñada para el hogar moderno, la nueva Yoga AIO 7 … Read more

Opinion column: Pets, do dogs catch cold? | Digital medium The Northern Fox

Dogs do have respiratory symptoms with symptoms similar to those of humans. Not subjecting them to the cold for a long time helps to avoid them, always considering that, depending on the breed, their ability to regulate body temperature varies. Warmer clothing and heating are some things we activate to combat the cold and avoid … Read more

Let’s put the ovaries on the table: the importance of raising awareness about this inherited family cancer | Digital medium The Northern Fox

According to data from the Global Cancer Observatory (Globocan), it is estimated that ovarian cancer is the eighth most frequent malignant tumor in the female population worldwide, with more than 300,000 cases diagnosed per year. Genetic factors of family history may indicate the development of this disease, which is generally unknown to women. Within the … Read more

Project rescued 78 taxidermized animals that are part of the history of the Copiapó Men’s Lyceum | Digital medium The Northern Fox

The work carried out by the Fundación Defensa Patrimonio del Barrio and with the support of the Arca Group, has already completed its first stage and has an online catalogue. After a deep mechanical cleaning and in boxes conditioned to their size are the 78 taxidermized animals that were rescued by the Fundación Defensa Patrimonio … Read more

Convention approves environmental human rights, food sovereignty and economic matters | Digital medium The Northern Fox

The Plenary of the Constitutional Convention voted the replacement report of the Environment Commission on water, mining, economic model, fiscal policy, glaciers, wetlands and more. Of a total of 34 articles, 16 were approved with 103 votes or more, with which they were incorporated into the draft of the new Constitution. Constitutional status of the … Read more

Marcela Cubillos: «This week the most serious article of the Convention was approved» | Digital medium The Northern Fox

The constituent of Chile Vamos points out: “On July 4 there will be a proposal for a Constitution for the indigenous people and one for the rest of the Chileans will be pending.” And “reviewing the entire country, all of Chile, not just the southern Macrozone” is what the article that approved the Convention on … Read more

The worrying deficit of technological talent in Latin America | Digital medium The Northern Fox

Analyzing different articles and investigations in relation to the current demand for programmers in the market, a vertiginous increase in them is evident, mainly in the United States, where for several years they have been promoting talent in the area of ​​programming from very diverse countries, which They don’t even speak English. The demand is … Read more