Official secrets, open the door of the chicken coop for the fox.

Official secrets open the door of the chicken coop for

The Government promotes the change in the formation of the Official Secrets commission so that they can enter ERC and Bildu. The president of Citizens, Ines Arrimadas, has stated on his twitter account «Sneaking ERC and Bildu into the Official Secrets with a change in the rule is arbitrary and irresponsible. The secrets of the … Read more

‘The Gilded Age’ casting news hints at what season 2 has in store

TL;RD: the golden age Season 2 will feature expanded roles for various characters under the stairs. New cast members for the HBO series include Michael Braugher as Booker T. Washington and Ben Lamb as the Duke of Buckingham. Thomas Cocquerel will not return as Tom Raikes. Cynthia Nixon and Christine Baranski in ‘The Golden Age’ … Read more

La argentina Aracelli Lisazo, el gran amor de El Zorro: “El día que murió, Guy Williams iba a pedir mi mano”

1651344774 La argentina Aracelli Lisazo el gran amor de El Zorro

Guy Williams y Araceli Lisazo Su casa de Potrero de Los Funes, San Luis, está llena de recuerdos de él: desde la “Z” que se dibuja en su terraza hasta el retrato de ambos que cuelga sobre el respaldo de su cama. Es que Guy Williams, el protagonista de El Zorro, fue el único gran … Read more

Atacama cultural managers met in Caldera | Digital medium The Northern Fox

At the Caldera station cultural center, cultural managers from Atacama met to develop the closure of the School of Community Cultural Management together with the corresponding certification, in this school they worked from November (2021) to April (2022) through collaborative, associative and mutual coordination between the components of the OCC Table of Atacama, this thanks … Read more

Can autumn asthma be prevented? | Digital medium The Northern Fox

Asthma cannot be prevented, but attacks can be avoided at a time when cold air and environmental agents can trigger them more often. Autumn not only comes with the increase in cold and changes in temperature. At this time, a significant number of allergens also proliferate, which intensify the symptoms of respiratory diseases such as … Read more

Colla Indigenous Community Comuna Diego de Almagro denounces alleged usurpation of land by a third party | Digital medium The Northern Fox

The Colla Comuna Diego de Almagro Indigenous Community, and through social networks, denounces the alleged usurpation of land by a third party, in which a series of actions are allegedly being carried out to the detriment of the community and the Colla people in the region. In the complaint and which is signed by the … Read more

The fox (separatist) and the chickens (constitutional)

The fox separatist and the chickens constitutional

It is curious that the fact that Bildu or ERC can access state secrets produces a scandal (arcana empire), and not so much, that they may be seated in parliaments and municipal assemblies, participate in commissions and may be on different councils. Bildu’s spokeswoman, Mertxe Aizpurua, in the plenary session held this Thursday in Congress. … Read more

There will be a partial solar eclipse on April 30, where will it be seen from? | Digital medium The Northern Fox

During a partial solar eclipse, the moon “bites” the sun. In the case of the eclipse on April 30, approximately 64% of the solar disk will be bitten off at most. The amount will vary depending on your viewing location. Credit: Rhys Jones/CC BY 2.0.The partial solar eclipse on April 30, 2022 will be the … Read more

International energy seminar sought to contribute to the mitigation of climate change | Digital medium The Northern Fox

• The authorities present signed an agreement in which they committed to working together in the development of an alliance for the exchange of knowledge and good practices in matters of clean energy and climate change. Contribute and share the vision on renewable energies and the electrical transmission systems of the Atacama (Chile) and Catamarca … Read more

Court orders appeal against assimilation and forced transfer of Colla boys and girls through the school system | Digital medium The Northern Fox

As “excellent news for the progressive demand for indigenous rights,” Ercilia Araya, President of the Colla Pai Ote Community, described the appeal for protection presented in the Court of Appeals of Copiapó, in favor of the children and parents of the Community, who claim against the Chilean educational system, which imposes on them “forcefully move … Read more