The vehicle that Arnold Schwarzenegger asked for to be happy

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in his role as Terminator was simply devastating, but beyond fiction, the actor showed the most unexpected transport that was his greatest desire to be completely happy. Read on and find out in this note… July 04, 2022 3:35 p.m. arnold schwarzeneggeris the most acclaimed actor of all time with an impressive multifaceted … Read more

What to see on Disney +: one of the best action and espionage movies of the nineties with a stellar Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Between the ambitious science fiction of ‘Terminator’ and the ambitious epic of ‘Titanic’, James Cameron made a highly entertaining piece of suspense and comedy with his remake of ‘True Lies’. A great movie that reaches the platform. We often question the need for an American remake of a European film, but that’s because it rarely … Read more

For Marvel, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a secret supervillain

For Marvel Arnold Schwarzenegger is a secret supervillain

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a secret Marvel villain. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an actor, politician and businessman Austrian-American and a movie icon. He has had leading roles in movies like Conan the barbarian, The Terminator, Commando, etc. During the 1980s this actor became an international star thanks to the great popularity of action movies at the time. … Read more

This is how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most remembered scene was made in Total Recall

This is how Arnold Schwarzeneggers most remembered scene was made

In 1990 the director Paul Verhoeven presented Total recalla science fiction action film based on Philip K. Dick’s short story, We Can Remember It for You Wholesale. The film featured the action star arnold schwarzenegger and a great cast. When Verhoeven put together Robocop, had Arnold in mind for the role of the cyborg cop, … Read more

An actress accused Arnold Schwarzenegger of an unpleasant and scatological attitude: “I never forgave him”

An actress accused Arnold Schwarzenegger of an unpleasant and scatological.webp

His “least favorite of all time” co-star. This is how the British actress defined Miriam Margolyes to Arnold Schwarzenegger. And it is that during the filming of the horror movie The last day in 1999, both shared a very unpleasant situation. The revelation came during a podcast interview I have news for you, of the … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger meets with Holocaust survivors

Arnold Schwarzenegger meets with Holocaust survivors

arnold schwarzeneggeractor known for his roles in terminator either Conan the barbarian, visited the site of the former Nazi death camp in Auschwitz on Wednesday and met with survivors of the Holocaust and children of survivors to send a message against prejudice and intolerance. The actor and former governor of California looked at the barracks, … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger, son of a Nazi officer, visits Auschwitz

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Jewish Link – Star Arnold Schwarzenegger visited the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz and met with a Holocaust survivor and the son of Holocaust survivors to deliver an anti-hate message, the agency reported AP. Arnold Schwarzenegger w Muzeum Auschwitz: To jest historia, którą musimy opowiadać na okrągło. Musimy wspólnie powiedzieć: nigdy więcej#wieszwięcej @Schwarzenegger @AuschwitzMuseum … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Auschwitz: ‘This is a story that has to live on’

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Agencia AJN.- Avy Lugassy, ​​a senior executive at the Swiss bank Hyposwiss Private Bank in Geneva, has been arrested on suspicion of large-scale fraud. Lugassy, ​​born in Israel and a resident of Switzerland for decades, is suspected of having stolen from the accounts of bank clients. According to Swiss media reports, the magnitude of the … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s food tips to stay healthy at 75

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We tape you the keys to the diet and exercise routine of this famous actor. By: MUI KITCHEN Editorial Office September 28, 2022 09:02 a.m. That arnold schwarzenegger has a privileged physique is something that we have clear almost since the world is world. And even so, we can not stop surprising ourselves with the … Read more

The uncanny resemblance of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son Joseph

The uncanny resemblance of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son Joseph

Long before he became a Hollywood star, arnold schwarzenegger He dedicated his time entirely to the intensive training of his body until he became a benchmark in bodybuilding. He is currently retired, but there is someone who not only wants to follow in his footsteps but also came to look a lot like him in … Read more