The incredible amount of chicken that Ana De La Reguera eats to maintain her figure

Tho Love Thunder Brett Goldstein only had 2 weeks

Diet and exercise routine of Ana De La Reguera By: MUI KITCHEN Editorial Office September 22, 2022 05:40 a.m. Ana De La Reguera is a Mexican actress who has appeared in movies and television shows such as Nacho Libre, Ana, The Forever Purge, Narcos, Goliath, Cop Out, Army Of The Dead and others. . The … Read more

They record a young fox with a dead chicken in its mouth in the center of a town

They record a young fox with a dead chicken in

The proliferation of this species inside cities is increasing, these images are proof of this. The foxes have turned urban centers into their homes due to the abundance of food, the large number of places to take refuge and the absence of predators. A fox devours the remains of a chicken on a road Foxes … Read more

The fox and the chicken coop: the fallacy of the neo-developmentalist recipe – Third Information

Shortly after assuming the presidency of the Republic, May 1, 1958 and contrary to the ideas expressed in his book Oil and politics, arturo frondizi signed contracts with foreign oil companies that authorized them to import all the material they considered necessary to operate without paying taxes. The reimbursement of the investments and profits of … Read more

The fox guarding the chicken coop

Indoctrinate, what business. A niche, I would call it one of those entrepreneurs who immediately identifies the opportunity. A public fortune is spent on courses on equality in municipalities and schools: that dough is there for whoever wants to pocket it. Following the course, a speech. That of Macarena Olona, ​​in the recent televised debate … Read more

SOS in Sierra Nevada: the Fox and the Chicken Coop

As a child I grew up, during the summers and holidays, in the Vega; surrounded by fields and with Sierra Nevada in the background; Among my favorite games in those years of innocence, curiosity and discoveries, were taking care of the sows and running to the chickens when my grandmother took her siesta. My grandfather … Read more

Official secrets, open the door of the chicken coop for the fox.

Official secrets open the door of the chicken coop for

The Government promotes the change in the formation of the Official Secrets commission so that they can enter ERC and Bildu. The president of Citizens, Ines Arrimadas, has stated on his twitter account «Sneaking ERC and Bildu into the Official Secrets with a change in the rule is arbitrary and irresponsible. The secrets of the … Read more