Morgan Freeman turns 85: this is how he became one of the most highly rated stars of modern cinema

Morgan Freeman turns 85 this is how he became one

Morgan Freeman saw his first movie when he was six years old. At that time, in order to pay the 12 cents that a morning movie ticket cost, he dedicated himself to selling empty bottles of milk and soda that he was looking for in the streets. Even then it was clear that he wanted … Read more

Ryan Reynolds assures that ‘Deadpool 3′ will bring back Hugh Jackman as Wolverine | Cinema | Entertainment

Ryan Reynolds assures that Deadpool 3′ will bring back Hugh

dead pool officially join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Marvel Cinematic Universe) with Dead Pool 3which is already on its way and the most important thing is that Hugh Jackman will reprise his role Wolverines in this film. This was announced by the protagonist of the beloved antihero, the actor Ryan Reynoldsin a preview clip he … Read more

The Dark Knight, the film that changed superhero cinema turns 14

The Dark Knight the film that changed superhero cinema turns

Heath Ledger starred as the Joker. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures On July 18, 2008, the so-called “superhero cinema” presented one of the most acclaimed productions by fans, marking a before and after for films based on comic book characters with the premiere of The Dark Knight, the second installment. from the Batman trilogy directed by … Read more

Spider-Man returns to theaters with an extended version and with the Spanish cinema premiere competition

The 60 years of Spider Man

about to finish the San Sebastian Festivalseveral of the films that have aroused the most expectation in the contest arrive in theaters: “Model 77“, of Alberto RodriguezY “Rainbow“, of Paco Leon. Besides of new film of David Cronenberg“crimes of the future“, either “Don’t worrydear”, the tape of Olivia Wildewith Florence Pugh Y Harry Styles, which … Read more

New Line Cinema let Iron Man lose the rights and return to Marvel for the dumbest reason | tomatoes

Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla

Iron Man – The Iron Man – 93% with Robert Downey Jr. ushered in a new era in the superhero genre that revolutionized the movie experience itself. Of course, specifically, it allowed to build an empire on the big screen, and now on the girl too, that other production companies try to imitate with their … Read more

This weekend, Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in the cinema of THIRTEEN

Series what are Juliette Lewis Tyler Posey and Bobby Cannavale

TRECE brings you, this weekend and as always, a sample of the best cinema of all time. The session begins on Friday night with “no one can beat me”. The string casts in ‘CLASSICS‘ (Friday at 10:00 p.m.), the program run by Jose Luis Garciathis wonderful movie Robert Wise. Robert Ryan stars in this film, … Read more

Premieres of the week: quality Spanish cinema against the return of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Story behind Eye of the Tiger Rocky Three main theme

With the San Sebastian Festival about to come to an end, several of the films that have aroused the most expectation at the festival are arriving in theaters: ‘Modelo 77’, by Alberto Rodríguez, and ‘Rainbow’, by Paco León. In addition to David Cronenberg’s new film, ‘Crimes of the Future’, or ‘Don’t worry, dear’, the film … Read more

He showed his departure to the low cost cinema on TikTok and divided opinions among his followers: “Stingy to the extreme”

He showed his departure to the low cost cinema on

Along with the price of the tickets, buying popcorn and drinks inside the cinema kiosk costs a real fortune. For this reason, many decide to pass small treats inside their bags or backpacks so that no one tells them anything. However, others, far from hiding, decide to have a real picnic inside the room. This … Read more

‘Rogue Squadron’ falls off the Disney calendar, when does ‘Star Wars’ return to the cinema?

Rogue Squadron falls off the Disney calendar when does Star

The situation was, to say the least, uncertain and in the end Disney has decided to remove ‘Rogue Squadron’ from its schedule of upcoming releases. The film, which was initially set to be released for Christmas next year, was already having scheduling problems due to the commitments of its director, Patty Jenkins, who was trying … Read more

Batman Day 2022: Date and all activities | Cinema PREMIERE

Smallville Warner wanted to make a controversial change to the

Batman Day 2022 is about to be celebrated. It will arrive with numerous activities and events designed exclusively for those who love Bat Man, his mythology and his stories. Of course, the celebration is worldwide. For this reason, in Mexico we will also embrace the darkness of Gótica. Like every September, the festival dedicated to … Read more