The PP warns that in “a single year the number of people living on the streets of the city has increased by 32%”

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The Popular Municipal Group has warned that in just one year the number of people living homeless in the city of Valencia has increased by 32%. In 2019 there were 570 people who lived homeless, while at the end of last year 2021 there were 754 homeless people in the city, according to a report … Read more

The Robin Hood of Mexico City is on TikTok

Spider man fan These are all the Spider Man movies

Following the occurrences coming from the TikTok social network, this time a user known as Diamante Guillen has become the Robin Hood of CDMX. The social networks never cease to amaze with the multiple occurrences of the users who use them. dances, trends and multiple challenges amuse people on different platforms. But this time in … Read more

Why is City Hall’s Robocop chasing litterers?

Tho Love Thunder Brett Goldstein only had 2 weeks

In his traditional Governing Council, the Mayor Daniel Quintero He gave a news that caused curiosity: Robocop, the machine that the Mayor bought to prevent crime and monitor unsafe areas, it is now “hunting” those who throw garbage and debris on the roads, separators and parks of Medellin. In the Government Council, Quintero made a … Read more

Thor: Love and Thunder was going to have Jesus Christ in Omnipotence City, reveals Taika Waititi | tomatoes

Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla

Thor: Love and Thunder – 76% has reached Disney Plus, and fans have been able to enjoy this adventure full of action and adventure again. In the film, the God of Thunder must face a formidable foe, Gorr the Butcher of the Gods, played by Christian Bale (American Psycho – 67%, Empire of the Sun … Read more

Batman and Gotham City at Mall del Sur: Live the ‘Legacy of the Bat’ experience!

Batman and Gotham City at Mall del Sur Live the

An impressive exhibition at Mall del Sur, which goes beyond a collection museum, will make you interact with the world of ‘Dark Knight’: Batman‘. LOOK: Peruvian Family Day: Enjoy games, barbecues, boat or horse rides, shows, concerts, Batman and Dragon Ball museums the artificer is Victor Sandoval (53)who presents ‘The Legacy of the Bat’. “This … Read more

Batman: The Animated Series turns 30 as the heart of Gotham City

Batman The Animated Series turns 30 as the heart of

// By: Carlos Miguel Rosales Mon September 5, 2022 On September 5, 1992, Batman: The Animated Series premiered. A show created by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski, which not only changed the image of the Bat Man in pop culture, it also revolutionized the world of animation with mature stories and characters that remain relevant … Read more

Residents of Mataderos warned about a loose fox in the city

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The residents of Mataderos alerted the authorities due to the appearance of a wild fox in the city. The animal it was seen by several inhabitants of the area, who recorded images publicly. The being in question is a gray fox native to the country, but Having appeared in an urban space, it is presumed … Read more

Venice Film Festival 2022: review of “Desperate Souls, Dark City and the Legend of Midnight Cowboy”, by Nancy Buirksi (Classics) – Micropsia

Venice Film Festival 2022 review of Desperate Souls Dark City

This documentary combines interviews and footage to analyze and celebrate John Schlesinger’s classic film starring Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight. Key movie from the late ’60s, MIDNIGHT COWBOY (either LOST IN THE NIGHTas it was known in Argentina) narrated the strange relationship between two New York City outcasts: Joe Buck, a taxi-boy newcomer from Texas … Read more

“It was something extreme”: Danna Paola’s experience when boarding the Mexico City subway for the first time

It was something extreme Danna Paolas experience when boarding the

Temporarily away from acting, Danna Paola She has focused 100% on her career as a singer, which is bearing fruit, as she continues to be preferred by the public and this is reflected in the nominations she is beginning to receive and invitations to important events. In the third week of August, in his slogan … Read more

Batman has already denied the theory that his presence in Gotham City is more harmful than beneficial

Tho Love Thunder Brett Goldstein only had 2 weeks

one of the great DC Comics fan theories is that Batman causes more problems than he solves. It has always been said among readers that the Dark Knight destroys Gotham City with her presence, instead of benefiting her. Both during his vigilante night war and for the aforementioned “escalation”. But does this hold up? Batman … Read more