New Line Cinema let Iron Man lose the rights and return to Marvel for the dumbest reason | tomatoes

Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla

Iron Man – The Iron Man – 93% with Robert Downey Jr. ushered in a new era in the superhero genre that revolutionized the movie experience itself. Of course, specifically, it allowed to build an empire on the big screen, and now on the girl too, that other production companies try to imitate with their … Read more

Top 10 Dumbest Spider-Man Villains

Top 10 Dumbest Spider Man Villains.webp

Anyone who knows anything about Spider-Man knows that Peter Parker is a nerd. The mask he puts on as Spider-Man changes that, allowing him to be someone else, but there’s still an idiot in there. Interestingly enough, many of Spider-Man’s villains share his sillier tendencies. Whether it’s because of his own scientific knowledge, sense of … Read more