The incredible physical change of Michelle Borth after her departure from Hawaii Five-0

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Actress Michelle Borth had one of the biggest roles on the Hawaii Five-0 series, but her sudden departure surprised many viewers, especially now that her appearance has changed in a big way. November 27, 2022 4:06 p.m. The debut of Hawaii Five-0 in 2010 it was a great success for the television CBS with an … Read more

Hawaii Five-0 Actor Joins Cast Of Season 6 Of Fox’s Medical Drama

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Hawaii Five-0, the hit CBS crime drama featured Ian Anthony Dale for 8 of its 10 seasons playing one of the fan favorite characters. Now, the actor is embarking on the new installment of Fox’s medical drama. November 09, 2022 12:14 p.m. Hawaii Five-0the crime series of the transmission chain CBS It aired between 2010 … Read more

Why do ‘NCIS’ and ‘Hawaii Five-0’ never end?

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And what about ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (13) and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ (11)? The difference with the rest is that they do talk about these,either by the crazy turns of Shonda Rhimes (the first great television creator who has been signed by Netflix) or because sheldon cooper comedy it remains the most successful in the United … Read more

Hawaii Five-0: This is how the CBS series was really meant to end

The series finale was a heartwarming way to say aloha, but it wasn’t exactly what the creatives behind the show originally had in mind. In an alternate universe, Hawaii Five-0 would have had an ending that came earlier and contained a very different kind of emotional beat. May 15, 2021 2:08 p.m. In 2010, viewers … Read more

NCIS: This is how the drama connects with the series JAG, Hawaii Five-0 and many others

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The popular series NCIS has been the main heart of a host of CBS television network dramas over time, creating great connections to these other shows that have fans excited. March 31, 2022 5:34 p.m. While the television network CBS keeps throwing new shows into their special broadcast times, many of them have had great … Read more

Hawaii Five-0: What Happened To Actor Alex O’Loughlin After The Series Finale

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Since the Hawaii Five-0 series came to an end, one of the biggest questions from fans is what happened to actor Alex O’Loughlin, who is missing from the networks. However, a new contract could bring him to screens soon. October 27, 2022 5:12 p.m. One of the most popular police series on television. CBS it … Read more

Hawaii Five-0: The harsh demands that the series suffered in its beginnings on television

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In addition to the controversial exits of its main protagonists, another person essential to the filming of Hawaii Five-0 is said to have been immersed in a behind-the-scenes scandal, and this person was willing to go to court. November 27, 2021 11:02 a.m. Hawaii Five-0 has been part of the collective subconscious of television for … Read more

Hawaii Five-0: The Series Finale Plots That Fans Never Got To See

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The detective drama Hawaii Five-0 wrapped up in 2020 with its 10th installment, even though an 11th season had been planned as the creators wanted to continue the adventure. This was the plot that was in mind for a sequel to the series. July 27, 2021 12:54 p.m. Hawaii Five-0 premiered through the broadcast chain … Read more

Hawaii Five-0 and The Good Doctor: The strange connection between the two famous series

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While fans may meet several familiar actor faces between the two series, one must pay close attention to learn about the unexpected connection between Hawaii Five-0 and The Good Doctor. January 01, 2022 5:41 p.m. Hawaii Five-0 and The Good Doctor they are two very different shows on two very different networks. The first is … Read more

Hawaii Five-0: What happened to Alex O’Loughlin and his disappearance from acting?

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After the shocking finale of Hawaii Five-0, the actor tasked with playing Captain Steve McGarrett, Alex O’Loughlin, dropped out of acting altogether. Many wonder what the star has been up to since then. February 18, 2022 4:48 p.m. After nearly a decade on the air, Hawaii Five-0 said goodbye to its viewers in the year … Read more