Marvel was inspired by My Hero Academia for its new Spider-Man

Will there be demand? Has Marvel plagiarized from My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia)? Probably not (or at least, they wouldn’t admit it publicly), but it’s undeniable the strong resemblance between Higa Haruka, Sakura Spider of Earth-19966 and Ochako Uraraka of Kohei Horikoshi’s work. While the manga writer has been very open about his … Read more

Actor Rutger Hauer, the tragic hero and replicant of ‘Blade Runner’, has died

Actor Rutger Hauer the tragic hero and replicant of Blade

On Friday, July 19, actor Rutger Hauer died at the age of 75, known internationally for the character of Roy Batty in bladerunner from 1982. This film by Ridley Scott is a cult classic of science fiction, and his character (a replicant) has been one of the most important within the genre that defined the … Read more

Neither Ethan Hunt nor Jack Reacher: the ultimate action hero is called Tom Cruise

Neither Ethan Hunt nor Jack Reacher the ultimate action hero

We will all agree that, rarely, and only on very few and exceptional occasions, the passage of time is good for a human being. When we focus on the effects of age on actors who have focused their careers on a genre as physically demanding as action, things get much worse.

You only have to see any of the installments of the ‘The Mercenaries’ trilogy to realize that the clock does not forgive; Probably being Wesley Snipes and Dolph Lundgren —taking into account the age difference— the ones who best endure the type after accumulating years, filming, and the occasional injury behind their backs. Tom Cruise is a case apart.

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Thor: Love and Thunder: all about THAT hero and what’s next for him

Thor Love and Thunder all about THAT hero and whats

Thor: Love and Thunder It ends with several surprises and, as usual in Marvel, the most important ones come in the post-credits scenes. This time we see the presentation of a new character, who could be a worthy villain for Thor but also a hero on his own account. Hercules is the name of this … Read more

The Punisher by Garth Ennis, the best and most excessive stage of Marvel’s most violent hero

The Punisher by Garth Ennis the best and most

The Punisher is one of the most loved and hated characters in the Marvel universe. He was born in 1974 as a villain in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man #129. from the hand of Gerry Conway, John Romita and Ross Andru. The vigilante had an overwhelming success at the start, sheltered by a society … Read more

Batman Day 2022 CDMX: Fourth Batman Expo to celebrate 83 years of the hero

Batman Day 2022 CDMX Fourth Batman Expo to celebrate 83

The fourth Batman Expo will be held at the Futurama Cultural Center. In the framework of Batman Day 2022day in which the existence of the character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and that in the present is one of the symbols of DC ComicsMexico City (CDMX) prepares to celebrate Night Knight with the … Read more

Batman: Celebrate the day of the “Night Knight”, the DC hero, with his best series and movies

Batman Celebrate the day of the Night Knight the DC

On Batman Day it is worth remembering the dozens of adventures and dramas that he has gone through six decades ago, when he first appeared on television. Bruce Wayne (or Bruno Díaz, as he was also known in Mexico), has a long history in film, TV and now in the hearing field, which is worth … Read more

She-Hulk: Who is Donny Blaze? The character’s bond with this famous hero

She Hulk Who is Donny Blaze The characters bond with this

This fourth episode of she hulk has had as its main plot Wong prosecuting a wizard known as Donny Blaze for misuse of magic. For this reason, the chapter has left many with the question: Who is Donny Blaze? Next we will answer this question as well as the link that the character has with … Read more

Batman Azteca: how is the original HBO Max movie about the DC hero

They beat Robert Pattinson fans chose their favorite Batman

hbo max Batman Azteca is an original animated series that reimagines the myth of the Gotham Bat, transporting it to other lands and giving it a new identity. By Ezequiel Torres Policastro 09/07/2022 – 17:05 UTC 09/07/2022 – 17:05 UTC © hbo maxaztec batman By Ezequiel Torres Policastro aztec batman is an original twist to … Read more