Joe Joyce 271.4 and Joseph Parker 255.3 in Manchester

Joe Joyce 2714 and Joseph Parker 2553 in Manchester

NotiFight / Photos: Queensberry Promotions / 23.September 2022 The undefeated English heavyweight Joe Joyce will face the former world champion, the New Zealander Joseph Parker, in dispute of the vacant interim heavyweight title endorsed by the World Boxing Organization (WBO), which will be the main fight of a card that will take place this same … Read more

Marcel Proust and James Joyce or how two people can hate each other at first sight

Tho Love Thunder Brett Goldstein only had 2 weeks

On May 19, 1922, Marcel Proust and James Joyce were face to face, forced to talk, but both aware that they preferred to be anywhere else in the world at that time.either. There was no reason behind that discomfort, it was not a matter of ego or suspicion of illustrious authors, it is only a … Read more

Gaby Hernández, protagonista de “Molly Bloom”: “Creo que James Joyce no se avergonzaría”

Gaby Hernandez protagonista de Molly Bloom Creo que James Joyce

En esta puesta en escena, inspirada en Penélope, Gabriela Hernández hace gala de su carrera y experiencia actoral, en 80 minutos de un monólogo que refuerza la necesidad de igualdad y libertad sexual para las mujeres. “Siempre es maravilloso estar arriba del escenario y con este personaje que siempre amé”, confiesa. La “Molly Bloom” chilena … Read more

A book to recommend: “Short stories and prose”, by James Joyce – LIVE | silver

Four years after his absence no trace of missing nurses

Except for “Ulysses” and “Finnegans Wake”, the book brings together all the work of this fundamental author of 20th century literature. With edition and translation by Diego Garrido We want to say thanks to the writer of this short article for this remarkable content A book to recommend: “Short stories and prose”, by James Joyce … Read more

Ulysses, by James Joyce one hundred years later | Always!

Vuelta a Espana Without Nairo but with Superman and several

To my dear brother Armando G. Tejeda,on its fiftieth anniversary An Irish writer of enormous significance for English letters, James Joyce (Rathgar, 1882-Zurich, 1941) is listed as one of the key novelists of the last century and of contemporary narrative. His mature work constitutes one of the highest expression exercises of the narrative renewal of … Read more

James Joyce according to Borges. 100 years since the publication of ‘Ulysses’

Tho Love Thunder Brett Goldstein only had 2 weeks

Edition of James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’. File, Archive On the anniversary of the publication of the Ulises of James Joyce, it may be appropriate to point out some considerations about the reading of the works of the illustrious Irish author carried out by Jorge Luis Borges. The interpretation that the great Argentine polygrapher made of Joyce’s … Read more

Dublin: in the footsteps of James Joyce

Dublin in the footsteps of James Joyce

Joyce-ren statue, Dublinen. Following in the footsteps of James Joyce through the streets of Dublin translates into a walk that starts at the emblematic Davy Byrne’s, which is located at 21 Duke Street. In this place, Leopold Bloom –one of the characters who lives in his novel ‘Ulysses’– decided to stop to order a gorgonzola … Read more