The Rock’s leg workout: light, but very intense

The Rock ‘disappoints’ us with his leg training: “You don’t need to lift a lot of kilos…” This is your usual leg workout Dwayne Johnson The Rock also has a hard time in the gym on his leg day The Rock, stronger than ever because of Black Adam (and this breakfast “for champions”) That we … Read more

The exciting story of Hercules, the dog who was attacked with a machete, lost his leg and is looking for a family

The exciting story of Hercules the dog who was attacked

“The dog is man’s best friend”, is a phrase that has been said for many years because,In addition to their company, four-legged friends give us loyalty, their unconditional love and have a great ability to capture our emotions. Therefore, they deserve responsible adoption and ownership. At the San Fernando Zoonosis Center, Hercules He is waiting … Read more

Without arms and with only one leg, he climbed the highest mountain in Córdoba: “I felt free for the first time in my life”

Without arms and with only one leg he climbed the

“How are you going to go on vacation to Argentina? They are going to drug you and rob you, ”her family told last year to naira arteaga. A friend she met through social networks was waiting for her on the other side of the continent, in Cordova. The idea seemed somewhat dangerous: what was a … Read more

Hollywood actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan adopted a dog from Puerto Rico that is missing a leg

Hollywood star Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently adopted with his family a dog rescued in Puerto Rico and that was sent to the actor through the efforts of The Sato Projecta non-profit entity on the Island that rescues street animals. Morgan posted photos of the dog named Irwin, who is missing his rear left leg, and … Read more