The PP warns that in “a single year the number of people living on the streets of the city has increased by 32%”

Don Johnson a heartthrob without trouble – Diario Hoy

The Popular Municipal Group has warned that in just one year the number of people living homeless in the city of Valencia has increased by 32%. In 2019 there were 570 people who lived homeless, while at the end of last year 2021 there were 754 homeless people in the city, according to a report … Read more

From Fred Astaire to Jennifer Beals, ten films to dance in the living room

From Fred Astaire to Jennifer Beals ten films to dance

Cinema and dance are made for each other. Both arts are defined by movement and their combination is a perfect marriage. The camera has the possibility to stop and expand the details of each step, each contortion, each vibration of a choreography. In turn, the dance functions as a form of expression for the characters, … Read more