From Lourdes Leon to Lolahol: Madonna’s daughter debuts in music with a sound similar to her mother’s

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Madonna’s eldest daughter, Lourdes María León, born in California (United States) 25 years ago, has just released her first single as a singer, under the stage name of Lolahol. A single titled Lock&Key (padlock and key, in Spanish), which navigates electronics between the drum and bass and the jungle and begins a musical career that … Read more

The daring video of Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter, with which she debuts in music

1662032161 The daring video of Lourdes Leon Madonnas daughter with which

Although a few years ago he refused to start a career in the music industry due to the possible comparisons that could be made with his mother, Madonna, this year Lourdes Leon, daughter of the queen of pop, was encouraged to release her first single with Chemical X Records. Under the pseudonym Lolahol, Lourdes presented … Read more