‘Copenhagen Cowboy’: Nicolas Winding Refn’s series for Netflix is ​​a beautiful six-hour screensaver where the author of ‘Drive’ goes from brilliant to self-parody

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‘copenhagen cowboy‘ is the new Netflix series from the writer and director of ‘Drive’, Nicolas Winding Refnand has all of its trademarks, from violence to its neon-drenched setsbut this time his criminal and aesthetic universe expands for six chapters, in which supernatural, surreal and almost experimental elements are mixed, without making it very clear which … Read more

Can you imagine Nicolas Cage as Superman? The trailer that turns your dream into reality

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A studio has made an animated trailer for the Superman Lives project with Nicolas Cage After the departure of henry cavill What Superman The fans of the man of steel are waiting to know what the future of the character will be on the screen. While we wait for a new announcement from James Gunn … Read more

‘Face to Face 2’ (Face/Off 2): Will Nicolas Cage be in the long-awaited sequel?

Face to Face 2 FaceOff 2 Will Nicolas Cage be

Nicolas Cage has been talking about his participation in the long-awaited face to face 2 either Face/Off 2a sequel which has been a long time in development and was announced early last year with adam wingard as manager and manager. The 1997 action flick, one of the most successful films in John Woo’s Hollywood career, … Read more

La increible historia de ‘Superman Lives’, la infame película de Tim Burton y Nicolas Cage que nunca se hizo

La increible historia de Superman Lives la infame pelicula de

Superman Lives seguramente es la película nunca hecha más infame de la historia del cine. Estamos hablando de una producción tan contrariada que pudo haber cambiado el destino de los superhéroes, para bien o para mal. Y a pesar de que no se llegó a rodar ni siquiera una escena del film que iba a … Read more

Caño Cristales, a high altitude adventure. by Nicolas Zorro Rincon • Diario Online Plus

Bogotá, Colombia.- As a private aviation Marketplace, flapz not only encourages the use of this transport model, but also promotes tourism in regions where private flights are the best option to access. This is how Caño Cristales, one of the jewels of Colombia, stands out as one of the best tourist plans in the national … Read more

Nicolas Cage chose Tim Burton for Superman Lives, not the other way around

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At the end of the 20th century, superhero movies were still in their infancy. Of course, there were already a handful of titles about flying vigilantes and masked vigilantes that proved to be very popular with the public. However, there was still nothing close to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or a foolproof formula that would … Read more