Not just earthquakes: Coxsackie and other viruses that “keep us awake at night”

There is already a substitute for Henry Cavill in the

Mexico was hit by a 7.7-magnitude earthquake with an epicenter in Michoacán on Monday, September 19. In addition, on the morning of this Thursday the 22nd, an aftershock of 6.9 degrees set off the alarms and woke up the Mexicans before the fear of a new ‘shock’. The tremors left structural damage to dozens of … Read more

Polar night: several cities around the world prepare for entire months without seeing the Sun

Polar night several cities around the world prepare for entire

09/18/2022 Act at 11:10 EST Localities in Russia, Alaska, Sweden or Norway enter a prolonged darkness from the 23rd The rotation of the Earth makes it day in some places and night in others. But what happens at the poles, where sunlight strikes in a very different way than the rest of the globe? The … Read more

Batman: Celebrate the day of the “Night Knight”, the DC hero, with his best series and movies

Batman Celebrate the day of the Night Knight the DC

On Batman Day it is worth remembering the dozens of adventures and dramas that he has gone through six decades ago, when he first appeared on television. Bruce Wayne (or Bruno Díaz, as he was also known in Mexico), has a long history in film, TV and now in the hearing field, which is worth … Read more

Review of ‘Tokyo Vice’: The hypnotic power of the night

Review of Tokyo Vice The hypnotic power of the night

The reviews of Daniel Farriol:Tokyo Vice Tokyo Vice is an American series created by JT Rogers (Oslo) that has in the direction with Josef Kubota Wladyka (Catch the Fair One, Dirty Hands), hikari (37 Seconds, Beef), Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral) Y Alan Paul (Plan B, The Newsroom). The scripts are in charge of JT Rogers, … Read more

Director Erik Poppe confronts the viewer with a “dilemma” in ‘A Thousand Times Good Night’: “Work or family?”

Director Erik Poppe confronts the viewer with a dilemma in

MADRID, July 28 (EUROPA PRESS) – Film director Erik Poppe spent several years of his life working as a war photographer in conflict zones until one day he decided to stop this activity and start a new path in cinema. Years later he decided to put all that experience into the movie ‘A Thousand Times … Read more

Batman: Catch up with the best movies and cartoons of the Lord of the Night

James Joyce T S Eliot

Lime.- The Batman, the new Warner Bros. movie based on the popular DC Comics character, will hit theaters very soon. And so that you can keep up to date with everything that has happened in the life of this superhero in recent years, Movistar has prepared a selection of his most iconic films, animated adaptations … Read more

The unforgettable night of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ in the World Series

James Joyce T S Eliot

Before starting the 108th edition of the Venezuelan baseball had already established a new mark in the “Fall Classic” with nine Creole players that had never been given such a number before. But they only had to start the actions on the diamond so that the first baseman start this “unforgettable” Wednesday with his bat … Read more

Telecinco “pulls” the night in front of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson on Antena 3

Telecinco pulls the night in front of Ryan Reynolds and

08/06/2022 at 07:08 EST Goyo Jiménez in ‘the Sixth Night’ Telecinco “closed” on Saturday nights during the month of August. The chain has decided to give Toñi Moreno vacations for the next few weeks, with the aim of saving costs. However, the chain will take advantage of tonight, starting at 10:00 p.m., to keep the … Read more

‘The Batman’: The introduction to a Knight of the Night as we have never seen it

The Batman The introduction to a Knight of the Night

After almost 30 years with various film adaptations of Batman, it is the turn of Matt Reevesa director who consolidated after cloverfield (2008) and two of the three parts of the reinvention of Planet of the Apes (Confrontation2014 and War, 2017), who decided to completely put aside what was done by Zack Snyder and his … Read more

This Friday, Clint Eastwood is the protagonist of the movie night in TRECE

At 12:05 p.m., after the ‘Holy Mass’ and the ‘Eucharistic Adoration’, the daily news arrives at TRECE, ‘Church up to date’with the latest religious news in a space hosted by Alvaro de Juana. Then, at 12:30 p.m., he returns ‘the magnifying glasslive where the news breaks, presented by Raquel Caldas, together with Lucía Crespo and … Read more