Today Christopher Reeve would be 70 years old, the actor who gave voice and face to Superman in four films | People | Entertainment

Today Christopher Reeve would be 70 years old the actor

Seasons 2 and 3 of the series Smallville, which narrated the adventures of the young Clark Kent / Kal-El / Superman (Tom Welling) had a special component. They brought back the one that several generations see as the most remembered face of the Man of Steel, Christopher Reeve. Reeve was undoubtedly the biggest star that … Read more

Hurricane Fiona hits Nova Scotia, leaving 400,000 people without power

Series what are Juliette Lewis Tyler Posey and Bobby Cannavale

Hurricane Fiona made landfall in Nova Scotia and the “historic and extreme event” plunged more than 400,000 residents into darkness, fueling fears of flash flooding across Canada’s Atlantic coast. Fiona, which strengthened into a powerful post-tropical cyclone late on Friday, reached the Canadian coast early on Saturday, lashing the region with heavy rain and winds … Read more

Half a million people without electricity in Canada after the arrival of Fiona

Tho Love Thunder Brett Goldstein only had 2 weeks

EFE Latam Videos “La Mama Negra”, the Mercedarian rite that returns to the Andes after the pandemic Quito, Sep 24 (EFE) .- “La Mama Negra”, the traditional Mercedarian rite that has been remembered for decades in the center of the Ecuadorian Andes, has returned to the streets of Latacunga with hubbub, after two years of … Read more

The PP warns that in “a single year the number of people living on the streets of the city has increased by 32%”

Don Johnson a heartthrob without trouble – Diario Hoy

The Popular Municipal Group has warned that in just one year the number of people living homeless in the city of Valencia has increased by 32%. In 2019 there were 570 people who lived homeless, while at the end of last year 2021 there were 754 homeless people in the city, according to a report … Read more

Marcel Proust and James Joyce or how two people can hate each other at first sight

Tho Love Thunder Brett Goldstein only had 2 weeks

On May 19, 1922, Marcel Proust and James Joyce were face to face, forced to talk, but both aware that they preferred to be anywhere else in the world at that time.either. There was no reason behind that discomfort, it was not a matter of ego or suspicion of illustrious authors, it is only a … Read more

“The Zaidín Rock is for the people, Granada cannot be understood without this festival”

The Zaidin Rock is for the people Granada cannot be

Two eternal years have had to pass for this moment to come, but the wait is over. Zaidín Rock returns in style to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The days September 8, 9 and 10 Granada will once again be the capital of rock, although this year the engines will begin to warm up from this … Read more

SEPRONA investigates four people for irregular marketing of the “fox shark” specimen

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ZARAGOZA, Sep. 2 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) of the Civil Guard investigates four people as alleged perpetrators of the irregular marketing of the “fox shark” specimen in the province of Zaragoza. The SEPRONA of the Civil Guard of Zaragoza learned, at the beginning of August, of the commercialization of a specimen … Read more

Cort Lane, vice president of animation at Marvel: “People who wouldn’t follow Marvel are now able to connect with their characters” [FW Entrevista]

Cort Lane vice president of animation at Marvel People who

By Sergio Trujillo October 24, 2018 at 07:43 a.m. Cort Lane could be considered one of Marvel’s most loyal fans.. From the age of 10, he began to read each of the comics that the company released about The Avengers and became enthusiastic about superhero stories, especially that of Captain America. His emotion for the … Read more

Samuel L. Jackson on the Oscars: “they reward black people who play horrible shit”

1660366002 Samuel L Jackson on the Oscars they reward black people

Samuel L. Jackson is a fundamental pillar of the history of American cinema but, until this year he was awarded the 2022 Honorary Oscar, the statuette had not passed through his hands. “Sam Jackson is a cultural icon whose dynamic work has resonated with all genres, generations and audiences around the world,” said Academy President … Read more

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can now be shared with up to 4 people

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can now be shared with up

Xbox game pass, now it will be available for 4 people at the same time No longer just a rumor on the internet and has become a reality, Microsoft is considering the idea of ​​expanding the subscription plans for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so that up to 4 people can connect to the same account. … Read more