Marvel: Actress confirms the return of The Punisher, with Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle

Marvel Actress confirms the return of The Punisher with Jon

If there is something that we marvelites wished for and wanted to be fulfilled, it was the return of Daredevil. That is confirmed. but also Marvel bring back to The Punisher It’s better than anything else we’ve ever dreamed of. Since the series of the Marvel-Netflix universe arrived at Disney +, all possibilities are open. … Read more

Premieres HBO Max October 2022: Wonder Woman’s new adventure and the return of one of the great series of recent years

Don Johnson a heartthrob without trouble – Diario Hoy

The streaming platform adds new movies and fiction this month. The month of October is full of premieres in hbo max. The streaming platform adds to its catalog Wonder Woman 1984the sequel to wonder-woman that narrates a new adventure of the superheroine of DC performed by Gal Gadot. Also the most famous mouse and cat … Read more

“She-Hulk” Writer Talks Humor, Online Misogynists, And Daredevil’s Return

She Hulk Writer Talks Humor Online Misogynists And Daredevils Return

While on IMDB it has 5 stars out of 10, on other review compilation websites the ratings are more reasonable, with 87% out of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and 67 points out of 100 on Metracritic. The campaign, insidious yet predictable, justifies the existence of “She-Hulk” as a response to the most toxic fans of … Read more

Director of Deadpool 3 finally talks about the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine | tomatoes

Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla

The news of the day, that Hugh Jackman will return as Wolverine in Dead Pool 3, was released by the film’s actor and producer, Ryan Reynolds, and now director Shawn Levy has responded via Twitter. There are many fans who are excited and have waited for this moment for a long time, it has been … Read more

At the age of 25, he sold his series to MTV but slammed the door: from the extreme low profile to the return of Alejo and Valentina

At the age of 25 he sold his series to

Alexander Szykula he was just 25 years old when he opened his own website, locoartsand uploaded the first chapters of Alejo and Valentina, the Flash animated series that would change his life forever. It was the year 2002 and the Internet was still a territory to be explored. The social media revolution would come almost … Read more

Batman – Why is Warner ruining Michael Keaton’s return?

Batman Why is Warner ruining Michael Keatons return

Why is Warner Bros. scrapping the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman? What reasons does the study have to turn its back on this idea? After many developments and cancellations of films in Warner Bros Discoveryit seems that the Batman of Michael Keaton It will not have the light that it was going to have before. … Read more

Jay Oliva says that Zack Snyder will not return to DC because of his toxic fans | tomatoes

Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla

Jay Oliva is an animated film storyboard artist, director and producer, who has worked alongside Zack Snyder on several occasions. He did the storyboard for the film Man of Steel – 55% and also worked on Ant-Man: Ant-Man – 81% and Deadpool – 84%. He directed several of the DC animated universe movies such as … Read more

New Line Cinema let Iron Man lose the rights and return to Marvel for the dumbest reason | tomatoes

Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla

Iron Man – The Iron Man – 93% with Robert Downey Jr. ushered in a new era in the superhero genre that revolutionized the movie experience itself. Of course, specifically, it allowed to build an empire on the big screen, and now on the girl too, that other production companies try to imitate with their … Read more

Premieres of the week: quality Spanish cinema against the return of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Story behind Eye of the Tiger Rocky Three main theme

With the San Sebastian Festival about to come to an end, several of the films that have aroused the most expectation at the festival are arriving in theaters: ‘Modelo 77’, by Alberto Rodríguez, and ‘Rainbow’, by Paco León. In addition to David Cronenberg’s new film, ‘Crimes of the Future’, or ‘Don’t worry, dear’, the film … Read more

Christian Bale would return to star in a new “Batman” if Christopher Nolan directs it

Christian Bale would return to star in a new Batman

Christian Bale in “Batman Begins.” (Moviestore/Shutterstock) The multifaceted English actor, winner of an Oscar and two Golden Globes Christian balehas characterized Batman since 2005 with Batman startsthen in 2008 with Batman: The Dark Knight and later with Batman: The Dark Knight Risesin 2012. All directed by the British-American Christopher Nolan. Now, the actor on a … Read more