The Rock’s leg workout: light, but very intense

The Rock ‘disappoints’ us with his leg training: “You don’t need to lift a lot of kilos…” This is your usual leg workout Dwayne Johnson The Rock also has a hard time in the gym on his leg day The Rock, stronger than ever because of Black Adam (and this breakfast “for champions”) That we … Read more

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Moves Away From ‘Gator-Back’ Rocks – Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex

NASAs Curiosity Rover Moves Away From Gator Back Rocks – Madrid

To avoid areas of sharp rock, the mission has taken an alternate route up Mount Sharp. NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover spent most of March climbing the “Greenheugh Pedimenta gentle slope capped by sandstone rubble. the rover briefly reached the top of the north face of this area two years ago; now on the south side … Read more

The Rock’s epic workout with NFL star Aaron Donald

Don Johnson a heartthrob without trouble – Diario Hoy

One of the many creeds of rock is that he will always be the “Hardest Worker in the Room”, a nod to his extreme dedication to achieving his goals. Just take a look at Dwayne Johnson’s social media to see plenty of evidence of his whirlwind press tours to promote his movies, photos of business … Read more

The Rock’s stunt double on film talks about his training (and how to keep up with an action icon)

1656559477 The Rocks stunt double on film talks about his training

Tanoai Reed, the double of The Rock in the cinema, talks about his training and how he has spent two decades in the shadow of the actor… always prepared. How much exercise you have to do according to your age. 50 foods rich in protein to gain muscle. Tanoai Reed he is in paradise. It’s … Read more

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ rocks: a dream come true for fans that is also a very good movie

Spider Man No Way Home rocks a dream come true for

The premiere of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ is the big movie event of the year. I say it in general, because surely some will say that the new adventure of the wall-crawler does not interest them, which does not mean that it is the last great asset of Hollywood to get the public to return … Read more