‘Destiny The Winx Saga’: the ending of season 2 explained

1663847945 Destiny The Winx Saga the ending of season 2

The second season of Destiny: The Winx Saga it ends with a dramatic cliffhanger, in which Bloom triumphs over the blood witch Sebastian and journeys to the Dark Realm. Inspired by the popular television series Nikolodeon, and with a few nods to the comic book adaptations, Destiny: The Winx Saga is set in the fairy … Read more

What are the iconic cars of the Rocky saga

Aquaman 2 could be delayed again because of Amber Heard

Rocky Balboa, ladies and gentlemen. The famous Italian stallion is a character that has immortalized cinema. His imprint, his epic and the harsh life of Philadelphia remained in the heart of every movie buff. Today we will delve into the most iconic cars of the entire saga. August 26, 2022 3:21 p.m. Rocky Balboathat boy … Read more

Review of Batman RIP: The Complete Saga

Review of Batman RIP The Complete Saga

ECC Ediciones collects in a single and huge volume one of the most mythical stages in the history of the Dark Knight, Batman RIP ECC Editions has become very fond in recent times of offering us comprehensive editions with complete mythical sagas in huge volumes (such as the stage of brian azzarello Y Cliff Chiang … Read more

The Death of Superman- The Complete Saga

The Death of Superman The Complete Saga

original edition: Superman: The Man Of Steel nos. 17-26, Superman nos. 73-82, Adventures of Superman nos. 496-505, Action Comics nos. 683-692, Justice League of America no. 69, Green Lantern no. 46USA (DC Comics, 1992-1993)National edition/Spain: The death of Superman- The complete saga. ECC Editions, 2022Script: Dan Jurgens, Dennis Janke, Gerard Jones, Jerry Ordway, Karl Kesel, … Read more

Where to see today ‘Creed II: The legend of Rocky’, the final combat of a mythical saga

Where to see today Creed II The legend of Rocky

Many try to renege, but there is something I don’t know about watching a movie on television that, even if it has been seen a thousand times, one stays nailed to the sofa and watches it again. It may be that one of them is out of habit, perhaps the reason is nostalgic for the … Read more

The entire saga of ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Venom’ arrive at Disney + Spain in July

The entire saga of Spider Man and Venom arrive at Disney

Disney+ has confirmed announced that five new movies of spider-man and the success of Sony, with Tom Hardy, Venom (2018), will be available in Spain on the streaming platform on the first day of July, offering fans access to more Marvel content than ever on the aforementioned portal. We tell you all the information below. … Read more