The uncanny resemblance of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son Joseph

The uncanny resemblance of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son Joseph

Long before he became a Hollywood star, arnold schwarzenegger He dedicated his time entirely to the intensive training of his body until he became a benchmark in bodybuilding. He is currently retired, but there is someone who not only wants to follow in his footsteps but also came to look a lot like him in … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilder who became governor of California and Hollywood star

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Perhaps because he is one of the most recognizable characters who made the leap from sports to movie screens (and many other things), with Arnold Schwarzenegger we inaugurate a new section on in which we will get closer to a world full of curiosities that mixes cinema and boxing, soccer, wrestling, rowing, judo, basketball … Read more

Ready player Schwarzenegger (y 2)

Ready player Schwarzenegger y 2

Portada original (ja) del videojuego Navy Moves. (Viene de la primera parte) Arnold Schwarzenegger no solo fue el molde cinematográfico para el cine acción de los ochenta y noventa. También ejerció de puente de unión entre las macarradas de la gran pantalla y las aventuras pixeladas en los pequeños televisores de salón. Porque en el … Read more

This weekend, Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in the cinema of THIRTEEN

Series what are Juliette Lewis Tyler Posey and Bobby Cannavale

TRECE brings you, this weekend and as always, a sample of the best cinema of all time. The session begins on Friday night with “no one can beat me”. The string casts in ‘CLASSICS‘ (Friday at 10:00 p.m.), the program run by Jose Luis Garciathis wonderful movie Robert Wise. Robert Ryan stars in this film, … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger told why at 75 he still goes to the gym every day

Arnold Schwarzenegger told why at 75 he still goes to

The actor detailed the virtues of training in old age, something he does every morning. Arnold Schwarzenegger is still fit and strong, at 75 years old. After a long career in which he has been a bodybuilder, a Hollywood star and Governor of California, the Austrian is enjoying his retirement and spending several hours in … Read more

The day Arnold Schwarzenegger punched Muhammad Ali

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Definitely, arnold schwarzenegger he is considered one of the best bodybuilders of all time (Did you know he lost his first bodybuilding contest?). Decades after his retirement, even today’s gyms have posters and quotes from Arnold to motivate people. The versatile bodybuilder has led an impressive life, inspiring multiple generations of bodybuilders and action heroes. … Read more

Ping pong with Lucy Patané: “My idol is Arnold Schwarzenegger”

Ping pong with Lucy Patane My idol is Arnold Schwarzenegger

She is not only a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. Above all, she is a character who came to refresh the alternative scene with creativity and daring. Raised in a music-loving family, Lucy Patané began to explore the instruments that abounded in her house in Bernal since she was in kindergarten. The punk scene in Buenos … Read more

How much was Arnold Schwarzenegger paid for Terminator?

There is already a substitute for Henry Cavill in the

the terminator The franchise made Arnold Schwarzenegger one of the most famous action stars of all time, but how much did he get paid? the terminator? Although the actor was known for movies like Conan the barbarianhe didn’t make that much money for the first time terminator film compared to many of his other successful … Read more

The impressive amount of eggs and apples that Arnold Schwarzenegger ate in one day

The impressive amount of eggs and apples that Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has changed his diet, and has removed the consumption of eggs. By: September 04, 2022 2:31 p.m. arnold schwarzenegger, who became world famous by playing Terminator T-800, has joined the long list of celebrities who have chosen to lead a healthy lifestyle, by consuming a mainly vegan diet. The 74-year-old former governor of … Read more