Morgan Freeman turns 85: this is how he became one of the most highly rated stars of modern cinema

Morgan Freeman turns 85 this is how he became one

Morgan Freeman saw his first movie when he was six years old. At that time, in order to pay the 12 cents that a morning movie ticket cost, he dedicated himself to selling empty bottles of milk and soda that he was looking for in the streets. Even then it was clear that he wanted … Read more

This weekend, Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in the cinema of THIRTEEN

Series what are Juliette Lewis Tyler Posey and Bobby Cannavale

TRECE brings you, this weekend and as always, a sample of the best cinema of all time. The session begins on Friday night with “no one can beat me”. The string casts in ‘CLASSICS‘ (Friday at 10:00 p.m.), the program run by Jose Luis Garciathis wonderful movie Robert Wise. Robert Ryan stars in this film, … Read more

Banksy, the Superman of urban art, stars in an international persecution that reached Buenos Aires

Banksy the Superman of urban art stars in an international

It is a bird? It is a plane? It is not “the Superman of street art” that hooded man who is blurred through the streets of Bristol, crosses like lightning to those of London and appears at dusk around the illuminated Eiffel Tower in Paris, to later disappear among the skyscrapers of New York. After … Read more

One of the Spider-man of the Multiverse stars in this moving fantastic story on Disney +

One of the Spider man of the Multiverse stars in this

This little work, almost unknown, is a hymn to life and a little gem within the science fiction genre. 08/20/2022 19:00 The North American platform has crept into the most important today, not only because it has managed to integrate major brands with international success, such as Marvel either starwarsbut because of its ability to … Read more

Clint Eastwood stars and directs ‘Cry Macho’ at 91

Clint Eastwood in a fragment of the movie «Cry Macho». Based on a novel by Richard Nash and with a script by Nick Schenk, it is an atypical western that will hit Spanish screens in November At 91 years old, Clint Eastwood remains active and fireproof. The nonagenarian actor and director, the patriarch of Hollywood, … Read more

John Cusack stars in the US version of the cult series “Utopia”

Renowned American actor John Cusack, who plays a billionaire biotech businessman with hidden agendas in the North American adaptation of the British cult series Utopia which arrives this Friday on Amazon Prime Video, stated that he believes that “utopian thinking is sometimes the most dangerous.” “I’m not a fan of utopian thinking, because to create … Read more

Leon Gissing, the teenager who dresses stars like Karim Benzema

Leon Gissing it is personal shopper, stylist and friend of some of the biggest names in European football. So far, everything normal if it weren’t for the fact that this Briton has become a benchmark in the world of fashion at just 17 years old thanks to his company ‘Plug Leon’. Although his story comes … Read more

HBO Max: Denzel Washington stars in this movie that won him an Oscar and that you need to see

Throughout his 46 years active in the world of acting, Denzel Washington has done work that has captivated the world at large, for which he has received accolades and awards, but the film that earned him a Oscar you can see it in hbo max and you should not miss it. Training Day (Training day) … Read more

Morgan Freeman stars in a non-fiction story

Morgan Freeman stars in a non fiction story

Morgan Freeman in one of the scenes from the non-fiction series “Great Escapes”. / Courtesy: History Hosted by the legendary Oscar-winning actor, the Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman series explores some of the true breakouts from the world’s most unforgiving prisons. Ingenuity, audacity, intelligence and courage are the common aspects that Freeman highlights in the … Read more