The PP warns that in “a single year the number of people living on the streets of the city has increased by 32%”

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The Popular Municipal Group has warned that in just one year the number of people living homeless in the city of Valencia has increased by 32%. In 2019 there were 570 people who lived homeless, while at the end of last year 2021 there were 754 homeless people in the city, according to a report … Read more

California paints its streets to cope with extreme heat

The extreme heat that has been experienced in large cities around the world is of great concern and. The temperature rises due to climate change in cities, they put people’s lives and general health at risk. One of the main problems that exist in urban environments is the amount of heat that the black asphalt … Read more

Medellín has its own “Robocop” to monitor the streets

In the best style of the classic action movie character, Medellín will now have its own Robocop to watch the streets, Unlike the 1987 film, which had a remake in 2014, it will not be an armed robot in charge of capturing criminals, but a new camera system that allows monitoring any point in the … Read more

Toyota Highlander 2020 hits the streets: we already know its price

Toyota Highlander 2020 hits the streets we already know its

Previous Following one from 12 The all-new 2020 Toyota Highlander has made its world debut at the 2019 New York Auto Show. Bigger and more high-tech than the outgoing model, it’s an attempt to set itself apart from the growing list of rivals designed specifically for families. A few days after the end of the … Read more

The reasons why Arnold Schwarzenegger walks the streets of Toronto | WHAT’S UP

The reasons why Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a bicycle through the streets of Toronto Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently been seen filming a Netflix series on the streets of Toronto. In between his busy filming schedule, The Terminator was also seen eating at Toronto’s Akira Back restaurant. Recently, Schwarzenegger has been spotted by multiple fans riding his … Read more