The Superman of the future, from the 853rd century, is much more powerful than the original Man of Steel

The Superman of the future from the 853rd century is

Kal Kent Redefines Clark Kent’s Powers Showing How Powerful Superman Could Be The future superman from DC redefines the iconic powers of the original Man of Steel and represents how far into the future the character could go. Kal Kentthe Man of Tomorrow from the 853rd century, has many more powers than Clark Kent. From … Read more

Warner Bros did not want Henry Cavill to return as Superman

Image: Warner Bros. There is a new era in the DC universe. This is something that Dwayne Johnson, the actor also known as “The Rock”, has mentioned on more than one occasion, speaking of changes in DC’s “hierarchy of power”, perhaps mentioning how powerful his character, Black Adam, is. or perhaps implying that he himself … Read more

The ‘Superman’ who jumped in Qatar: “I had problems with the police, but Infantino came to help me”

The Superman who jumped in Qatar I had problems with

It is one of the iconic images so far from the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Mario Ferri, an Italian footballer known, above all, for his irruptions at large events with messages of social vindicationjumped onto the grass this Monday while the game was being played Portugal – Uruguay. She was waving a rainbow flag, the … Read more

Superman López started training: these are his plans for the 2023 season

Superman Lopez started training these are his plans for the

Miguel Ángel López, Colombian runner for Astana Qazaqstan. Miguel Ángel López finished his 2022 season not long ago when he is already thinking about what 2023 will be in sports terms, since his team, Astana Qazaqstan, uploaded a photo of the Colombian training in the mountains of Colombia looking to start tuning up his conditions … Read more

Comic Writer Complains That Superman And Captain America Don’t Follow The “American Way” Anymore | tomatoes

Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla

In recent statements for his YouTube channel, the comic book writer Chuck Dixon He expressed his opinion regarding the recent changes that superhero mythologies such as Superman and Captain America have undergone. In a timely manner, the writer of Batman and Punisher referred to their connection with American culture. We recommend you: Henry Cavill thought … Read more

DC OFFICIALLY reinforces the theory: Lobo will face Superman in the DCEU

Spider man fan These are all the Spider Man movies

Through his Twitter account, DC followed James Gunn’s game and confirmed that Lobo will face Superman in the DCEU. There will be little or no secrecy in this new management of DC Films under the command of James Gunn. It seems that many had already forgotten the filmmaker’s sense of humor and irreverent attitude towards … Read more

Dave Rienzi, trainer of Black Adam and Superman: the 5 exercises to have superhero muscles

1668492398 Dave Rienzi trainer of Black Adam and Superman the 5

If you ask someone to make a list of their favorite celebrity physiques, chances are good that the muscular bodies of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and Henry Cavill occupy the top positions. But did you know that their superhero heights are the result of the work they do with the famous trainer and kinesiologist … Read more

Superman or Sherlock? Henry Cavill’s best character

They beat Robert Pattinson fans chose their favorite Batman

Cinema Henry Cavill played in his professional career two iconic characters such as Superman and Sherlock Holmes. Which of them is the best? By Ezequiel Torres Policastro 11/13/2022 – 21:16 UTC 11/13/2022 – 21:16 UTC © IMDbSuperman and Sherlock Holmes By Ezequiel Torres Policastro henry cavill He is one of the most popular actors today … Read more

Make a Superman | Opinion of Iñaki Ortega

Peggy Lipton actress of Twin Peaks and The Mod Squad

More than eighty years have passed since the first Superman comic was published, so it is convenient to review, albeit briefly, his biography to understand the title of this article. This superhero who lives in Metropolis, a city reminiscent of New York, hides behind the character of a shy, slicked-up and elegant journalist -named Clark … Read more