“Venom: Let There Be Carnage” presents a new look at its villain

Venom Let There Be Carnage presents a new look at

A new trailer takes a closer look at the origins of Carnage | Sony Pictures Releasing Presenting its new collaboration with Marvel, Sony Pictures has revealed a new trailer for “Venom: Let There Be Carnage”, the long-awaited sequel to the 2018 film where we will see the return of Tom Hardy as reporter Eddie Brock, … Read more

Tom Hardy says that Venom 2 is so good that they are already thinking about a third

Tom Hardy says that Venom 2 is so good that

Tom Hardy says that Venom 2 is so good that they are already thinking about a third Venom: Let There Be Carnage was voted the most anticipated film of the year, and if it meets the high expectations it is generating, we will be facing one of the great films of the genre. Venom (35%) … Read more

Reseña: Venom – La película más decepcionante de Marvel

Resena Venom La pelicula mas decepcionante de Marvel

En medio de un mar de críticas, se estrenó Venom, la más reciente historia de origen de un superhéroe -o supervillano- marvelita. Venom, como bien sabrán, es uno de los más populares némesis de Spider-Man y una figura profundamente querida por todos los que crecimos en los ochenta y noventa leyendo los cómics del amigable … Read more

VENOM INC. – There’s Only Black (Album Review) » The Dark Melody

VENOM INC Theres Only Black Album Review The

🎸 Heavy / Black Metal 🌎 United Kingdom 📆 September 23, 2022 💿 nuclear blast By OzGa At this point we should all know and know what the name of this band encompasses, but knowing that there are always new followers of these rhythms and that they deserve a fair explanation is that I dedicate … Read more

Marvel: Who is Carnage, the new villain of Venom 2?

Marvel Who is Carnage the new villain of Venom 2

Marvel’s new film project Venom 2, will introduce us to one of Spider-Man’s enemies that we have been waiting for the most in recent decades: Carnage. In this way, Cletus Kasady’s alter ego will be presented as an antagonist of Eddie Brock and his symbiote, which is to be feared, since Tom Hardy’s character may … Read more

These headphones are like Venom: they have a gel that molds to our ears

These headphones are like Venom they have a gel that

One only needs to look at the trends in the wireless headphone market to realize that the priority for today’s average consumer is active noise cancellation; the better it is, the less the sounds around us will distract us. [La trampa de los auriculares con cancelación de ruido: no todos tienen la misma] The big … Read more

Contacto Inicial #11: STRATOVARIUS, THE MARS VOLTA, VENOM INC, TALAS y más » The Dark Melody


Por The Dark Melody Staff Los aficionados como nosotros sabemos que nunca será suficiente. Hay demasiada música para escuchar, de todos los colores y sonidos, pero nunca nos alcanza y queremos más y más. Esta sección surge de la inquietud de poder compartir las primeras impresiones del inmenso catálogo que vamos recorriendo día a día, … Read more

Is Venom as comical in the Marvel comics as he is in the movies?

Is Venom as comical in the Marvel comics as he

After seeing Venom: There Will Be Carnagesequel to the first tom hardy movieIt is time to ask ourselves a question. is this really marvel character So? show us the marvel comics to such a comical and funny alien symbiote? The easy thing, obviously, would be to say no. We analyzed it in general lines in … Read more

COMPANY / Hyperice maximizes therapeutic heat with new Venom Go and Venom 2 products

COMPANY Hyperice maximizes therapeutic heat with new Venom Go

With its therapies that combine heat and vibration, the brand presents two new products together with the revolutionary HyperHeat™ technology, in a portable version of the devices and with faster heating capacity Hyperice, a global high-performance wellness brand, introduces two new products within its heat therapy category: Venom Go and Venom 2, along with new … Read more

What movies to watch this weekend on MovistarPlus +, HBO Max and Netflix: Venom, anime and the Navy SEALs

James Joyce T S Eliot

Once again and like every Friday, we come loaded with cinematographic novelties that we are going to recommend for this weekend. Prepare popcorn, here we come with 3 movie recommendations from Netflix, HBO Max and MovistarPlus+. One of the big questions at the entertainment level for the weekends is: What premieres on Netflix? And on … Read more