She-Hulk could have revealed the villains of BLADE

She Hulk could have revealed the villains of BLADE

The Serie she hulk could have subtly introduced Blade’s solo movie villain (Spoiler alert) She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulkcould have presented some of the options that Marvel Studios would be considering for the villains in the Blade movie. Marvel Studios announced a Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali during its 2019 San Diego Comic-Con presentation. Three years later, … Read more

What is Intelligence, the great nest of villains that She-Hulk introduced?

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She-Hulk introduced a website/team of villains called the Intelligence. The system could introduce great characters to the MCU. she hulk is reaching its final stage, so important details began to be revealed for the outcome of the plot. One of these, for example, is the appearance of the helmet of Daredevil. From the trailer and … Read more

Marvel: Venom is humiliating the rest of Spider-Man villains

Marvel Venom is humiliating the rest of Spider Man villains

In the Venom comics, under the alias of Lethal Protector, the symbiote has been fighting and humiliating Spider-Man’s villains. 05/20/2022 23:00 Since its creation, Venom has searched for his own identitywhich often means that he walks the path of the villain, but also the path of the antihero. It is impossible to pigeonhole this villain … Read more

Batman: Bat-Man’s Scariest Villains in Comics and Movies

Batman Bat Mans Scariest Villains in Comics and Movies

Batman is perhaps one of the favorite superheroes of all time, many of the adults grew up watching the Batman series or reading his comics, with a superhero so well known worldwide and loved by most of the audience, other characters were also invented Bob Kane was the creator of Batmaninitially the Bat Man was … Read more

Mentally ill Batman universe villains

1661796859 Mentally ill Batman universe villains

The Batman character first appeared in Detective Comics #27 on March 30, 1939. The Joker’s first appearance occurred in Batman #1 in 1940. The Batman: The Dark Knight movie has earnings of 1.006 billion dollars. Sometimes when we hear about Batman we usually think of the bat man and one of his most memorable villains … Read more

Ranking the Best James Bond Villains Before ‘No Time to Die’

Ranking the Best James Bond Villains Before No Time to

James Bond may survive the ending, but these bad guys always leave 007 shocked and shaken. The super spy’s many evil adversaries are as synonymous with British spy movies as high-tech gadgets, Aston Martin cars and sexual adventures with seductive women. Before the 25th film in the series, “No Time to Die,” breathes new life … Read more

Top 10 Dumbest Spider-Man Villains

Top 10 Dumbest Spider Man Villains.webp

Anyone who knows anything about Spider-Man knows that Peter Parker is a nerd. The mask he puts on as Spider-Man changes that, allowing him to be someone else, but there’s still an idiot in there. Interestingly enough, many of Spider-Man’s villains share his sillier tendencies. Whether it’s because of his own scientific knowledge, sense of … Read more

Which DC Comics villains were able to kill Superman before Doomsday was chosen?

Which DC Comics villains were able to kill Superman before

The death of Superman was a very important DC Comics event for the community, its writer Dan Jurgens has commented on some DC Comics villains they had in mind before Doomsday there are few moments in the life of the comics industry that have paralyzed the world so much, since sometimes there are some characters … Read more