Where and how to watch DC animated movies before Apokolips War

1673694772 Where and how to watch DC animated movies before Apokolips

During these days of quarantine and social isolation it is difficult to decide what to see. On streaming platforms there are a lot of options and even if we don’t want it, TikTok and YouTube videos still consume a lot of our time. But if you’re looking for something to distract yourself that might give … Read more

Explaining the Vatican’s discretion on Putin’s war

1673551072 Explaining the Vaticans discretion on Putins war

ROME – Despite the best efforts of nations around the world to isolate and punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, as of this writing the war grinds on, with Russian tanks encircling the capital city of kyiv despite unexpectedly stiff resistance from Ukrainian military and civilians alike . The motives driving Putin’s war reflect … Read more

Marvel Reveals New Details About Cold War

1673543017 Marvel Reveals New Details About Cold War

Marvel comics reveals new details about the upcoming event of Cold Warwhich will cross the series of Captain America. The company has been advancing this crossover which will derive directly from the current regular series of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty Y Captain America: Symbol of Truth, being the point they wanted to reach from … Read more

This will be Cold War, the new Marvel Comics event that will complicate things between Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson

This will be Cold War the new Marvel Comics event

marvel comics finally laid the foundation of Cold Warhis new event for the comics line of Captain America. According to the publisher, this story will have Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson as protagonists and “It will make them question everything they believe in…and each other.” In that sense, Cold War intends to collect plots of … Read more

Why Ant-Man 3 will have repercussions on the level of Civil War? | CINEMA PREMIERE

Did Matt Reeves plagiarize the script for The Batman I

The latest trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania it let us see that Kang, played by Jonathan Majors, will be a big threat. Many MCU fans wonder how relevant this movie will be in the future of Marvel. And it is that Kang will be the great villain to defeat in phase 5. Thanks … Read more

God of War Ragnarok Fans See a Returning Feature in New Screenshots

Series what are Juliette Lewis Tyler Posey and Bobby Cannavale

god of war ragnarok Fans have been hungry for gameplay and more information for some time now, even longer than the recent reveal of the game’s release date. god of war ragnarok fans know what’s in the special editions, they know Tyr is somehow involved, and they know Kratos and Atreus plan to stop Ragnarok, … Read more

War and Peace’s James Norton to star in West End play Bug writes BAZ BAMIGBOYE

War and Peaces James Norton to star in West End

Millions tuned in to watch James Norton—and his chiseled cheekbones—as the noble and heroic soldier Prince Andrei in War And Peace. Just as many checked him out in the second series of Happy Valley, in which he plays the local psychopath. And more will doubtless study him on Grantchester (where he plays a vicar who’s … Read more

Live-Action Kaguya-sama: Love is War Sequel Film’s Trailer Previews Songs

The official website for the live-action sequel film Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai – Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunōsen Final began streaming a new trailer and unveiled a new poster for the film on Tuesday. The trailer previews both the film’s theme song “Koi Furu Tsukiyo ni Kimi Sо̄fu” (Thinking of You on a Moonlit Night When Love … Read more

God of War creator says “strong women don’t seek male approval” and Marvel fans are sexist because they only attack female-led productions | tarreo

God of War creator says strong women dont seek male

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / instagram / discord The creator of the God of War saga, David Jaffe, is known for his stinging opinions on any subject that comes his way, delivering them without caring if they cause anything from itching to annoyance from others. And now he has referred to … Read more